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before wedding

Documenting your beautiful story is one of the best ways to celebrate your love. Create an unforgettable experience. Freeze the heartwarming moments and save precious memories.

Tokyo Sakura

Meeting Yan and Michael in Tokyo was like fate.

We planned our trip separately after deciding on the shooting day. Ended up we had very similar itineraries and hotel choices. We did an extra shoot in Yukata since we were staying at the same onsen hotel and it was wonderful!

The EArliest Sakura Blossoms in Japan

We headed to the suburb near Tokyo to catch the earliest blossom of the Sakura season. We managed to find these Atami Zakura in the heart of the Atami town. It was heart-warming to see the couple enjoying the photoshoot despite the cold in Feb. 


We also added some cute street shots and a beautiful Japanese plum garden to our scenes.


It was a rainy day so that we had to take the photos in pouring rain but it gave a special touch to the set.

Your Story

You’re one of a kind, after all.​​​​​​​​​
Meeting Maggie and Andy in Hong Kong and having their photoshoot done in NYC was enjoyable. The couple was playful and fun. We explore the city together and we inspired each other to create this set with the vibrant city vibe.