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A Dreamy garden wedding

We crossed paths with the lovely duo, Tze Yeung and Tsz Ling, at a breathtaking venue that took our breath away.

With Tsz Ling's incredible talent as a landscape designer, the pair picked a stunning outdoor garden to say "I do".

The weather was just right, making for a magical evening.

The bride and groom's first look was near this charming little white house that served as a bridal room.

The ceremony was held by the serene blue lake, which made for the coziest, most intimate of weddings. 

Now, sit back and bask in the beauty of it all!

GetReady Day2 JenMike-70.jpg

Get ready & Church Ceremony

Things in life don't always happen as planned. This was probably the best unpredictable adventure we have had with this couple.

We met Jen and Mike the first time in Los Angeles, California. It was a beautiful day with an amazing sunset. 

Jen is a designer while her fiancé Mike is a anaesthetist Their wedding was postponed for 2 years due to the pandemic. Given the extra time for their wedding planning, every detail of the wedding was prepared just as perfect as it could be. 

Tea Ceremony JenMike-233.jpg

Hong kong

tea ceremony

Get to Know Us

Turning back the clock, we had this Hong Kong x Vietnamese Tea Ceremony a day before the church wedding.
Jen was from Hong Kong and Mike was Vietnamese. The wedding cultures are similar so that the tea ceremony was incorporated with both traditions. 
We started with the Vietnamese Ceremony with both sides parents and relatives. Exchanged gift and served tea to the parents under the witness of the family and friends. 
Followed by the Chinese Tea Ceremony just like how they do that in Hong Kong. 
We also recreated and captured the beautiful moments of the mother of the bride put on the traditional outfit, Qunqua,  for the bride. It was probably one of the most heart-warming and unique moment that a mother and daughter could have.



Scotland Intimate Wedding00003.jpg

We met Vicci and Rick in this beautiful Scottish town, Kirkcaldy. 40 mins drive from Edinburgh, the town is located at the seaside with the awarded coastline. 

The gorgeous couple was once working in the wedding industry too before moving to Scotland. We inspired each other to create this set of photos together. We went to a park where this historic hotel situated. Captured their love story at the magic hour.

Vincci and rick